Door to the Bardenas and much more

If you have something extraordinary, this town bordering the south of Navarre is its people among which you can be one more, the natural environment that surrounds it of great beauty, contrast and singularity and its cave-dwellings excavated in the mountain and that served as Sheltered its inhabitants well into 1965.

But, let's walk slowly, lest we be in a hurry to lose what needs a slower and more pleasurable approach ... here is more than one way to go.
This eminently agricultural town is becoming one of the main centers of rural tourism attraction in Navarre. Will it be for the richness of its contrasts? Because of the diversity of its surroundings? Is it because here, as a French girl recently told me, people are close and simple, do you feel clothed?

Arguedas has grown between: the Serranía del Yugo and the Natural Park of Bardenas Reales with its semi-desert and dry moors; And the prolific banks of the Ebro, which with its waters irrigate the fields and fields that so excellent orchard provides us, so enjoy its views, its natural surroundings and good gastronomy is assured.
How is it possible in such a few kilometers that rosemary, thyme and dry cereal coexist with flooded rice paddies where storks wet their paws at sunset giving us a spectacular image?

That's right, Arguedas with the beauty of its natural environment offers its visitors multiple routes to walk around and discover. In the vicinity you can visit the Sierra del Yugo with its excellent views and the hermitage of the Virgen del Yugo; The Sendaviva nature and fun park, the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, the Raso and Murillo rice fields, as well as the Sotos del Ebro and the river. Already in the urban area, other shorter routes will take you to Las Cuevas de Arguedas, caves-house dug in "La Peña" name by which the mountain is known that gives shelter to the town; You can go up to the "Balcony of the Moors" from where you will see a magnificent view of the town and its fields, or stroll along the Paseo del Bordón that runs through the town from one end to the other ...


But above all you can be one more among us, enjoying your rest while you have a good skewer, a good meal or a simple coffee.