From surprise to surprise.

From Arguedas and in the direction of the Sierra del Yugo, we find 120 hectares dedicated to the pleasure and fun of children and adults: Sendaviva Park, the largest park in Spain with these characteristics and one of the most important tourist destinations.

In Sendaviva we have many opportunities for the family to enjoy one or more days full of discoveries, learning and knowledge of the lives of its inhabitants. As well as a stay full of experiences and fun and fun activities for all ages, and tastes.

Entering this park means discovering rural and wild life at the same time. Since in it coexist from the cow to the wolf. It has four specially differentiated areas: The village, The farm, The Fair and The forest. A territory to explore and discover that is assaulting our senses of surprise in surprise ... discover the look of the white Tiger or the magnetic wolf, the corpulencia of the water buffalo or the nice pig, from the donkey to the Andean Condor .... Lemurs, ocelots, roosters, deer, zebras .... 800 animals of 200 species make up this unique family in the park, a family that grows year by year with new additions.

Among this discovery of the animal world, we also have the possibility of being part of your daily life through some of the activities that we offer as "Caregiver for a day" of herbivores, giving snacks to farm animals, waking them up ...

Not to mention its shows of flying flight of birds of prey or circus acrobatics; Or its more than 30 guided rides like the merry-go-round, flying chairs, the river of diamonds, tubing, free fall, nightmares cinema, recycling games, water maze or big tyrolean of Europe)

Fun assured, and a good souvenir in our suitcase back home.