In this guest house is very simple
Feel at home

Rest at Hernani Bardenas is to follow in the footsteps of many other travelers over time. The history of this former hostel on the road and now tourist hostel is breathed throughout the house, in the distribution of its rooms from a central hall, preceded by an entrance hall of the purest style of that time; In its doors of the years 60 with the brightness of its varnishes that speak us layer by layer of the years and the mime with which the place has been taken care of.

Although the time has been recorded in the place, with the many stories of simple lives that for him have passed through the times; Has not stopped much less. The jovial and dynamic spirit of Manolo and Mari Jose, have impregnated every corner with small details of a simplicity and warmth that lead the current direct traveler to connect with this land of noble and simple soul. The winks to Las Bardenas in multiple images, as well as the daily life of a humble people in habits and customs can be perceived in the friendly, sober and without fuss of this area of ​​rest, their rooms.
HAS SIX ROOMS TWO, THREE BEDS AND OTHERS WITH DOUBLE BED, WITH CABINET, TABLES AND TELEVISION. In which special care is taken to clean and care. With two bathrooms and shared between the guests.
A place where our guest finds the rest that needs after a good day of routes in the area, with the necessary and necessary, neither more nor less.

To get up in one of these rooms is to open your eyes and remember that it takes very little to live and be happy. Approaching one of its windows to greet the new day, next to the cast iron radiator, the window of yesteryear and its latticed shutters, is to remember the poso of time and memory of the place that welcomes you today. Hernani Bardenas.

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